Cinderella Solution Review: It Will Change Your Life

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People would usually cling to fairy tale dreams aspiring to find a happy-ever-after; which doesn’t happen all the time. The hurdle of losing weight has been a miserable terrain. It’s pointless whenever you spend money on weight loss solutions or programs that are cleverly promoted as legitimate and effective but just manages to completely drain your finances and leave you a total wreck.

The desire to lose weight isn’t just coming from an innate desire to look like you’ve stepped out of a glossy fashion magazine. It’s mainly for health reasons and the desire to be more active in your pursuits which you cannot do when you are fatigued most of the time due to obesity.

You are unable to run around and play with your kids for hours or be more productive at work. You’re completely missing out on what life has to offer because of your limitations. So, if some people think that trying out weight loss products or programs is just a clamor to look sexy in a bathing suit or fit one – think again.

Many women would of course want to become more attractive by losing weight but it’s not just about the aesthetics, the focus is always on health and enjoying what life has to offer. A lot of the weight loss programs we see online are catered or designed to both men and women. This can work against our bodies and the purpose of losing weight because women’s bodies are different from the biological and physical makeup of men’s.

The Cinderella Solution works mainly because it is a weight loss program created by a regular woman for women of all shapes and sizes. A lot of weight loss programs are created by nutritionists, doctors, and fitness experts which may be attractive due to the fact that the experts authored and created these solutions but isn’t relatable enough considering that these turn out to be very generalized weight loss programs and not created specifically for women.

I have always believed that being the jack- or jill-of-all-trades doesn’t work – specialization is key to generating successful results even with your health and looking fabulous. This is why the Cinderella Solution works like a gem. It’s designed especially for women and considering all the elements and factors that surround a woman’s genetics as well as physical, psychological, and cognitive aspects that influence how they gain or lose weight. Our hormones go loca at many points in our lives due to stress and all other triggers that make them all shoot all the way up to dangerous levels.

When I came across the Cinderella Solution, I initially had doubts as to whether it would work for me. I have tried every weight loss plan or program out there to no avail. So, I’m betting this could work for me because of the unique factor that makes this program stand out from the rest.

Cinderella Solution is non-traditional and made especially for women. This is a home workout plan that combines science and research plus personal experience to create a program that will help women lose the extra pounds for good.

The Cinderella Solution isn’t a general antidote to obesity but focuses on the problem areas that affect women’s weight such as hormones, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Men clearly don’t experience most of these phases or issues. It’s clearly patented and designed to take account of the bodily or biological conditions that are exclusive to women.

 This review aims to shed light on how the Cinderella Solution can solve weight loss problems for many women out there. The Cinderella Solution is specifically designed to help many women gain their life and confidence back with a weight loss program that gets right to work on the pain points of women.

An Overview on the Cinderella Solution:

The Cinderella Solution was the brainchild of Carly Donovan. Her near-death experience in the hospital because of being pre-diabetic and obese has been a wake-up call for her and her entire family which propelled her to design a diet plan that solves women’s hormonal issues.

She discovered soon enough that these hormonal issues are the main culprit for weight gain and other serious health complications like cardiac disease, diabetes, and hypertension in women.

She also discovered the Japanese food architecture of creating food or flavor pairings that are designed to keep women more hormonally stable, healthy, and slim. Japan is said to be the healthiest country and the women are mostly very fit too which can be traced from their eating habits and their meal plans.

This is the blueprint of the Cinderella Solution. It’s a 28-day diet or weight loss program that includes 14-day segments or referred to as the Ignite and Launch phases. It focuses on creating meal plans which consist of meal pairings or a mix of different variety of foods in one plate.

 This also incorporates both exercise and diet to boost weight loss. The program is only designed for 28 days but you can always repeat the process as many times as needed to reach your weight loss goals.

The “Ignite” phase would consist of eating three meals a day and the “Launch” phase would mean eating four meals a day. These phases are very integral to reaching your goal weight and it features 14 varieties of meal plans plus bonus recipes so you would have different meals to choose from in a week.

The meal plans are diverse and have delicious and interesting recipes for weight loss which does not deprive you of your cravings but includes very healthy servings. The workouts or exercise regimen would consist of 8- to 20-minute mild exercises that are very easy to do even at home.

 You won’t need a gym membership to accomplish the workouts in the Cinderella Solution. In contrast to other weight loss programs that comprise high-intensity workouts because it caters to both genders, Cinderella Solution has designed very mild or gentle exercises that match the female body and metabolism. 

The synergy of the diet plan and the workout exercises are meant to stimulate normal functions of weight loss hormones in women such as estrogen, cortisol, and insulin. The Cinderella Solution is designed primarily to reset the functioning of female hormones and create a balance so your hormones won’t take over and create chaos in your weight loss goals.

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Designed Exclusively for Women:

This weight loss program is created and designed to fit women of all shapes, ages, and sizes. It was also created and authored by a woman, Carly Donovan, who had the same weight loss frustrations of being shortchanged by other weight loss products and programs found online. Scientific studies show that men and women have different metabolisms and would require different diet plans.

This is the reason why a lot of diet programs online don’t work for everyone because it does not specifically target the weight loss regimen that fits women. The beauty of the Cinderella Solution is that its blueprint has been formulated specifically for women who are obese and struggling to lose weight without any improvement.

Targets the Hormones:

The Cinderella Solution targets specifically the hormones that could trigger weight loss or weight gain. This consists of the female hormone estrogen and also insulin and cortisol.

 Insulin is easy to manage. You don’t need to suppress your cravings or deprive yourself of food. You just have to know the meal pairings that would work in support of your weight goal.

Cortisol is triggered mainly by stress but this can be reduced or managed with a workout regimen. Estrogen levels can also be managed by sticking to some nutrient mix so the weight will be evenly distributed and keep you well-toned.

Simplicity Is Beauty:

The beauty with the Cinderella Solution is that it’s a no-brainer or very simple to integrate into your everyday routine. The diet plans aren’t so complicated or won’t attempt to starve you but are nutritious yet delicious meal plans that are a mix of different food groups.

The exercise regimens aren’t so difficult to maintain because there consist of mild to moderate exercises that can be done right in the comfort of your own home. No need for workout equipment because you would only need your body weight for the exercises.

Affordable Pricing:

Cinderella Solution is affordably priced so it would fit any woman’s budget. This is considerably way cheaper than other weight loss programs found online. The product is a digital download with video tutorials and complete with PDF manuals can be readily accessed online.

So basically you get hold of the following: a manual, Quick-Start Guide, Movement Sequencing Guide, Video Exercise Guide, and the Cinderella University – Permanent Weight Loss Mini-Course.

The processing of orders is really fast and you also have instant access to 24-hour customer support and get to connect with the author of the Cinderella Solution, Carly Donovan. Best of all, this also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so you got nothing to lose in this program – just your weight.


Can Women of Any Age Use the Cinderella Solution?

Yes, the Cinderella Solution caters to women of different age groups or those in their 20’s to 50’s who are having problems with hormonal spikes or imbalance that are normal in the age range. Women of different weight groups can also use this weight loss program and gain a successful outcome.

Is Cinderella Solution a Worthy Investment?

Is it worth the price? Yes. Definitely! It’s in fact priced so cheap that you wouldn’t believe it. It’s packaged as a unique weight loss program because it is designed for women so everything would really fit into the puzzle and not as a general weight loss program that would just be a hit or miss thing.

You don’t shoot blanks with the Cinderella Solution because this targets specifically women who are looking to lose weight for good. It’s not a generic solution but one that solely fits women. So, if you’re a woman and have looked everywhere and tried everything with no real results, then this is what you have been waiting for.

What Materials or Products Do I Get from my Purchase?

When you purchase The Cinderella Solution, you get the following in ebook form plus video downloads:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Cinderella Solution Main Book (76 pages)
  • Cinderella Solution Practice Guide (30 pages)
  • Cinderella Solution University (56 pages)

What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied With the Results?

The creator of The Cinderella Solution has full confidence in this weight loss program that she offers customers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the outcome and you’ll be provided with a full refund, no questions asked.

Pros & Cons


  • Designed exclusively for women
  • Includes daily meal plans plus bonus recipes for a variety
  • Very affordable!
  • No need to wait for delivery of materials via mail because the weight loss program can be accessed and downloaded online upon purchase
  • Offers 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked
  • Unique weight loss program that targets hormonal issues related to women that directly affect weight loss or gain.


  • It’s not designed for men, but might probably work too
  • It’s a long program with over which could be overwhelming for some customers.
  • You can only contact their customer service once you have completed the purchase of the Cinderella Solution program.
  • The weight loss program is only available online or through their website.

Women have always been looking for a simple solution to a pressing weight problem that afflicts both genders. However, many so-called experts or those who are just looking to monetize on people’s problems are creating fake solutions to captivate desperate people who are looking for immediate help on their weight issues.

Due to desperation, people would just cling to anything – even too expensive weight loss programs and products – only to be dismayed with the results. It happened to Carly Donovan and many other women who are suffering from obesity and who almost lost her life because of hormonal irregularities and also having an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Cinderella Solution is designed and created by a woman for women with the same personal battles on weight issues. It’s not really just about looking drop-dead-gorgeous but to become healthy in all aspects so you could live the life you want with your family.

It’s a very simple and easy-to-follow weight loss program that any woman would enjoy doing without feeling pressured or stressed out with complicated exercise routines or crazy diets. It’s a normal yet very feasible meal and exercise program that when executed right can transform your life from zero to hero in less than a month or so.

The Cinderella Solution is totally made for every woman who knows their worth and would fight obesity with the balls of a man. It’s a very simple and normal weight loss program that won’t bore you or strain you with all the details.

It just simply understands how a woman’s body and metabolism works and focuses on that. This is what makes this an effective weight loss program that you can try out today!

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