Celebrities who follow the keto or ketogenic diet

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It is the diet of the moment. Its objective is none other than to eat foods with unsaturated fats and very few carbohydrates to take the body to a state of ketosis in which it only burns the fact that it ingests. And it seems that the keto diet, also known as ketogenic, every day has more followers among celebrities, including movie and television stars and elite athletes. Vinny Guadagnino, from Jersey Shore, has become a real ‘keto guido’. Halle Berry has put aside the bread to maintain the figure, and even LeBron James has put it into practice. Here is a list of celebrities who have fallen victim to the benefits of the keto diet.

1. Halle Berry:

We have all wondered what the actress does to continue so spectacular at 52 years old. The answer lies in the ketosis diet. She explained in the Live with Kelly and Ryan program that she does not eat any food that contains sugars or carbohydrates, only fatty foods such as avocados, coconut oil or butter.


2. Vinny Guadagnino:

All members of the Jersey Shore cast have been able to set up their own businesses outside the MTV program. Vinny found his niche when he lost 22 kilos through sports and keto diet. Now share tips and motivations on your Instagram account. He even follows the diet at the reunion of Jersey Shore.

3. Lebron James:

Okay, technically LeBron is not a regular on the Keto diet. But the truth is that in 2014 he shared his experience to try a modified version of this diet program for 67 days. The image shows the weight loss suffered by eliminating carbohydrates and dairy products from their diet, focusing only on eating meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Kourtney Kardashian:

Behind every trend, there is a member of the Kardashian family. In this case, it was the turn of the eldest of the sisters, Kourtney, who revealed that trying the keto diet “was a truly positive experience”. Kim also lost 27 kilos after giving birth to her son Saint by following the Atkins diet, a variant of the ketogenic.

5. Tim Tebow:

LeBron is not the only professional athlete who brags about the effects of the keto diet. NFL quarterback Tim Tebow acknowledged in the GQ magazine that he was immersed in a diet called ketogenic, which was characterized by being high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugar.

6. Vanessa Hudgens:

The actress has declared herself an unconditional fan of the ketogenic diet after preparing with her for the cover of Women’s Health magazine. He lost almost 5 kilos in a month eating bacon.

7. Adriana Lima:

No one said that being an angel of Victoria’s Secret was easy. The Brazilian model has commented on more than one occasion that barely touches carbohydrates and trains two hours a day before a parade of the well-known brand of underwear. Although it is not something that costs you too much because in your daily life you have left aside carbohydrates because they leave you with a feeling of bloating.

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